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A Future for Sociology?

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At a programmatic level, sociologists have for long debated questions about the nature and status of their subject. Is sociology a science? If not, should it try to become one? If it should, what kind of science might this be? I have, over the years, joined in such debates myself. ...

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Catalonia’s quest for independence: Plain dead or alive and kicking?

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The outcome of the recent regional election in Catalonia (which was held on September 27th) has been read very differently by the pro-independence and the pro-union camps. The former have emphasized that pro-independence parties won, for the first time in Catalan history, a clear majority of seats in the Catalan ...

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The Particularistic President: Executive Branch Politics and Political Inequality.

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In the United States presidential elections are big business.  More than fifteen months before the general election, candidates and their affiliated super-PACs have already raised almost $130 million.  They will raise and spend many hundreds of millions more before the last ballot is counted.  The vast majority of those dollars ...

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Spatial Analysis for the Social Sciences


Do concepts of space and geography play a big role in the questions you’re interested in? These concepts are prominent across the social sciences, in disciplines as diverse as anthropology, criminology, demography, political science, public health, and sociology, and on subjects as different as tribal customs, residential segregation, disease clusters, ...

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Time Series Analysis for the Social Sciences


Observational political science overwhelmingly involves phenomena that occur and change over time. Temporal dependencies abound both between and within many social processes. Of course, failing to account for temporal dependencies in dynamic data violates the classical regression assumptions. Yet unfortunately some analysts seem to view the dynamic processes in their ...

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Is Three (or More) No Longer a Crowd?

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In his dissent in Obergefell, Chief Justice John Roberts challenged those, who endorse the legal recognition of same-sex marriage, to explain why such legal recognition should not extent to multi-person relationships. In my new book, In Defense of Plural Marriage, I defend the view that states, which refuse to give marriage licenses to plural marriage enthusiasts, are acting unconstitutionally.

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Applied Regression: An Introduction, Second Edition

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We are pleased to announce completion of our Applied Regression: An Introduction, Second Edition, available in hard copy this July. It maintains the strengths of the First Edition, namely its directness and simplicity, while building out in important ways. The graphics are updated, as are the examples and the statistical language. New substantive sections are added. Altogether, these changes have increased the size of the monograph just enough. Hence, it contains noticeably more than the first edition, but still has the familiar comfortable size.

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