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Double Effort for Ethnic Minorities to Get Job Interviews

Photo credits: jazbeck on flickr

Yet another rejection: Aygül Muhiddin finds it frustratingly hard to get a job. If she could only be invited for a job interview so that they can learn how committed and hard-working she is! Aygül Muhiddin has a suspicion that she is discriminated against because of her name; after all, ...

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Obama’s Democratic Legacy

Photo credits: Shane T. Mc Coy, U.S. Navy

Writing on book on Abraham Lincoln, which I am doing for Rowman & Littlefield’s Modernity and Political Thought series, may seem ill-advised given the number of volumes on the 16th president of the United States already extant. On the other hand, given the unstable combination of Lincoln’s iconic status and ...

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Dissatisfaction with Politicians

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It has become a commonplace of modern politics that most people in the UK take a dim view of their elected representatives. The 2009 MP expenses revelations and the subsequent drip-drip of sleaze are but the latest in a long series of scandals that have sent ripples over Britain’s political landscape. At the same time, outright corruption in UK politics is relatively rare in comparison to many other countries. An interesting and largely unanswered question is how the British people come to hold such negative views of their elected leaders, given that by international standards, British politicians are relatively clean.

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How Political Institutions and Partisan Ideologies Shape Law and Order Spending in Twenty Western Industrialized Countries

Photo credits: André Gustavo Stumpf

Law and order issues are frequently at the top of the political agenda in Western industrialized countries. Think, for instance, of the 2012 French Presidential election, when President Nicolas Sarkozy tried to gain votes by portraying himself as being tough on crime; or of the Swiss People’s Party (SVP), which has pursued law and order issues successfully during recent years, making itself a major player in the Swiss political system. These examples show that law and order issues can be of significant importance in a country’s partisan competition, and should therefore also be reflected in the policies resulting from that competition.

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