Monthly Archives: January 2016

The State and Future of Political Methodology

A few weeks ago in the British Academy, the Political Methodology Group of the Political Studies Association was launched with a one-day conference showcasing quantitative work in political science in the UK. Qualitative and Quantitative There have been various initiatives from various quarters focused on improving the quality of quantitative methods ...

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The controversy within American political science about DA-RT—an initiative claiming to remedy a deficiency in the accessibility and transparency of data analysis—continues apace. Well over 20 journals have committed themselves to codifying new requirements for article submissions, in a statement now known as JETS (Journal Editors Transparency Statement). A small ...

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A Future for Sociology?

At a programmatic level, sociologists have for long debated questions about the nature and status of their subject. Is sociology a science? If not, should it try to become one? If it should, what kind of science might this be? I have, over the years, joined in such debates myself. ...

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